Creating An Identity That Sets Your Brand Apart

Focus on the positive

            Identify the parts that make you better or different than your potential and existing competitors and focus on them. Do you have great customer service? Do you have great client or customer education information? Take photos of the person behind it and applaud them publicly or create videos that highlight your knowledge. Encourage happy customers to leave reviews so that others who look you up have trust in you before they’ve ever met you.

Identify your negatives

            Take time once a month or once a quarter to analyze what DIDN’T work not only in digital marketing but on your business as a whole and find ways to fix it. Your brand shines from the inside out so chances are if you can see it behind the scenes from the inside others are DEFINITELY seeing it on the outside. Involve staff in this process so that they can better understand the issues and assist in fixing it moving forward.

Know what works

            Just because something may work on social media for your competitor or a similar business doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. A brand should take on the identity of it’s owner to a certain point and that should also be reflected to others. If you’re a super silly person and don’t take yourself too seriously, let that personality shine through.

Invest in a good marketing person, team, or agency

            Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Just because you have great ideas in your head doesn’t mean you know how to best execute them. Having the right group of trained professionals around you can often times grow your brand faster than you ever would have without them.

Create a strong SEO strategy

            In order for any existing or potential customer to identify any of the past 4 items, they have to find you. This ties in to investing in a good marketing team. The right team should 100% include a good SEO and SEM strategist. Ask for any kind of certifications or reviews on the person you’re about to hire or ask what types of metrics they’ve produced.

Know your why

            Why are you doing what you’re doing? What’s your reason for waking up every morning and running your business? What made you start in the first place? Figure out the answers on all of these questions and have strong answers. If you do this your brand and brand image will always shine through as this will be your “guiding light”.

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