Get Ready in Under 20 Minutes: 5 Ways to Wake Up Late and Make It On Time

We’ve all been there. It’s the night before a big meeting. You review your notes and prepare your comments. You head to bead early and set your alarm. And then you wake up 20 minutes before you’re supposed to leave and begin to panic.  

Whether your phone died, you couldn’t sleep, or some other aggravating reason caused you to oversleep don’t worry! In 20 minutes or less you can be meeting ready and out the door on the way to crushing the presentation you worked so hard on. Using these products on their own or all together can save you not only time, but a little sanity.

1.     Yuni Shower Sheets
These biodegradable, alcohol free shower sheets will have you smelling like a flower garden in April in 30 seconds or less.  Think of these as an allover baby wipe for adults. Simply take one large sheet and wipe down your body as necessary. Don’t forget to reseal the package when you’re done to keep your sheets fresh. At $15 for a pack of 12 they aren’t cheap if you use them often but they are completely worth it.  
Side note: these are especially great if you suffer from dry skin in the winter and a full-on shower is just out of the question.


2.     Ouai Texturizing Spray and Wave Spray
Ouai Texturizing Spray is an essential part of my every day hair routine. As Ouai’s creator Jen Atkin states, “it’s as if dry shampoo and hairspray had a baby.” I love to spray this all over my head starting underneath and working my way up and blasting with the blow dryer for a couple of seconds afterwards. It soaks up excess oil while also setting a good product base for whatever hair style you’re about to create. From here I typically through a few loose curls in my hair and then finish with Wave Spray but Texturizing Spray also makes a great base for a quick ballerina or messy bun.


3.     ItCosmetics CC Cream
If you have never tried this stuff you NEED to check it out ASAP. This is seriously liquid gold and is never too heavy or cakey. I discovered this product in a Birchbox years ago and it has become part of my everyday routine ever since.  It can be worn alone, mixed with a little extra moisturizer, or underneath your favorite setting powder to give you a flawless complexion that creates envy. They have also launched an illumination and under eye version with the same amazing formula.


4.     Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
This mascara is another one of my everyday go-to’s. A quick coat is perfect for daytime but a couple of extra coats later in the day will have you GNO ready. Keep an eye out for Too Faced’s sales, I highly suggest signing up for their emails. I ordered this for the first time last year and got it for super cheap and now I can’t go without it. It’s like a lash curler, primer, mascara, and false lashes all in one.

Too Faced Mascara

5.     Benefit BeneTint
This light and rosy stain is perfect for a light blush on your cheeks and lips. To apply to cheeks I just dab a bit on a plain sponge (not a Beauty Blender because you don’t want it to remain afterwards) and dab it back and forth on my cheeks until I achieve the desired look. If you feel like you went too heavy or don’t quite have the look you want you can add a little bit of moisturizer to your sponge and go back over to help move the product around more. I highly encourage a less is more approach until you get your process down. I also love to tap a little excess onto my lips and top with my favorite gloss.

Benefit Cosmetics BeneTint

That’s it! A quick 20 minutes later you went from panicked to perfectly primed and poised. You're ready to go out and conquer the day and feel damn good doing it. Now, about that coffee! 

Photo credit:
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