The Head Nod Of The Internet: Why Social Engagement Matters For Brands


I recently had the pleasure of leading a digital marketing and branding workshop here in Tampa for other women business owners.  During the workshop we discussed digital marketing strategy, how to brand yourself and your business, and how to measure the results of your marketing efforts. During the workshop I encouraged those who attended to heavily engage; no question was too big or small.

As questions began to be asked and answered and specific points were dove into I noticed something significant. Every time a point or example became clear or hit home, faces brightened, heads nodded, and notes began being taken. As the workshop went on I started to get excited every time I saw this happen because it meant what I was sharing not only made sense but also was useful to the audience.

After thinking about this more I determined this is very similar to the engagement we look for online in brands. We look to measure the likes and the shares for sake of KPI’s but these engagement measures are also a way for brands to understand that the content and information they are sharing is relevant and useful to their audience. These items also tell a brand whether or not they may need to adjust their digital strategy and redirect their content. If content is constantly falling short, there’s probably a reason. To some social engagement may not matter, but to the brand that's creating the content it’s the difference between hitting the nail on the head and missing the mark which always translates to sales made or lost.

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