28 Things I Learned In My 28th Year

If you’re like me, birthdays and the New Year always bring a sense of reflection and change. It just so happens for me that both of those fall in the same month, December, which usually makes me uber nostalgic. This past year I feel like was a BIG year of change, growth and learning so I decided to sit down and document just what those things were that I learned and grew from. Mistakes, successes, happiness, tears, they all happened this year and they all taught me something. SO without further adieu, here. We. go.

1-There really is strength in numbers. Don’t be afraid of collaboration or working with others to accomplish a bigger goal and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

2- Mindset is everything. If you’re not mentally prepared for the job in front of you or the next big leap you will ultimately fail and not because you’re incapable.

3- A no now doesn’t mean a no forever, it just means it needs to be tabled at the moment.

4- If you don’t want the door to close you don’t have to let it. Nurture relationships, keep in touch with old clients.

5- You learn more in your downtime than you do when you’re busy. Downtime is when we let our thoughts process, minds wander, and aren’t so occupied we don’t have time to really “think.”

6- Sometimes it’s not always about who’s right it’s about what needs to be done to move on.

7-Take time for yourself. Self care doesn’t have to be excessive but it does matter. Make it a part of your routine as often as you feel you need to to make it effective.

8- Your health is your priority. If you need to cut back on nights out to pay for a gym membership or counseling then do it. You’ll regret the lack of health in later years but likely won’t regret staying in a couple extra nights.

9- Saying no isn’t bad, it’s actually healthy. If something doesn’t serve you, your schedule is already full, or you simply just don’t want to then just say no. Quality over quantity totally applies here.

10-When you feel alone, you aren’t. Our feelings are just that and aren’t always the reality. Check your phone and read the last 3 texts. You’ll likely find you are very well loved.

11-Just like they say when you’re younger practice makes perfect the same is true in your skills and career. Don’t be afraid of a challenge.

12- Your mom was right about that one thing that you always fought her about. It’s okay to call her and let her know too.

13- There’s nothing better than figuring out who you are and then doing everything in your power to make yourself your biggest asset. Sometimes that includes removing your own barriers that prevent that from happening.

14- Find a hobby or something that’s not work related that you enjoy doing. Work is great and can be extremely fulfilling but there’s more to life.

15- Just like saying no to things that don’t serve you, say yes to things that scare you. Those are likely the things that will force you to grow and take you to the next level.

16- Don’t be afraid to use social media for the positive. Say hello to someone who has captions you relate to, send a non creepy dm to someone you feel might need encouragement, meet up with someone whose feed you love for coffee. We forget the purpose of the platform sometimes isn’t just for promotion.

17- Eliminate the toxic things from your life that make you feel shitty. People, foods, clothes, environments. The more you remove the better you’ll feel.

18- There’s something to take and learn from everything you experience. I look back on the past five years and situations I may have thought sucked, were miserable and doing nothing for me at the time but I may have learned a new process or way of doing something that has changed my business or myself completely.

19- Eat the fucking donut. And then get back to it. Life’s about balance.

20- Don’t be extreme with your goals. Start small and build your way up otherwise you’re creating unrealistic expectations and will fail. That will just lead you right back to where you started and feeling incapable of your goals completely.

21- Financial health is important. Pay down debts, spend responsibly and think of your future. It’s okay to splurge or not live exactly at your means but find a balance. Shit stays forever.

22- Think of yourself the way your dog/best friend/ mom thinks of you. Don’t know what they think? Ask them. I guarantee you’ll suddenly feel much better. In the case of your dog, leave for 5 minutes and come back. There’s your answer ;)

23- Find the positive habits that work for YOU! If you’re not someone who wakes up at the crack of dawn that’s okay. But can you wake up 30 minutes earlier? Get an extra 10 minutes in a workout? If you’re a night owl be a night owl and if you hate cardio then don’t do it. But do find what works and stick to it.

24- Done is better than perfect. You can always go back and make corrections or changes but you can’t share something that doesn’t exist.

25- Know how and when to take a phone break and be present. That text can wait 40 minutes, you have caller ID and know who to call back, and I don’t believe anyone has ever died from not responding to an email right away. Make the people in front of you know that they’re important, don’t make them question that.

26- Being organized is more important than you think. It’s okay to let things slide in your early 20’s but people will ALWAYS appreciate someone who is highly organized. No one likes having to constantly “find” the thing you lost or look for the thing you were supposed to keep track of. I’ve seen people lose clients, jobs, or relationships over extreme disorganization.

27- Say I love you, say it often. You never know when someone is going to walk out the door and not come back.

28- Don’t just follow my lessons, create your own. Never stop learning and growing!